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Family Celebrations


Naming Ceremonies

A new baby is always an exciting event in the life of any family. Many religious families will want to hold a Christening or Baptism to welcome the new arrival into their church, and other faiths have slightly similar traditions where the ceremony centres on the relationship between the child and the church.


These days a popular alternative is to have a Naming Ceremony instead (sometimes, as well) where the emphasis is on the relationship between the child and the parents. The parents declare, in front of family and friends,  their promises to their child.


There are all sorts of symbolic actions and rituals we can include in a Naming Ceremony and we would plan them together.


Other Family Occasions

There are all sorts of families these days, not just the traditional nuclear family. Sometimes, a child may be adopted, or a new family formed when two families join together, often referred to as a “blended family”.


Any of these situations call for celebration and the getting together with the wider family for a happy family occasion. We can design a ceremony to suit the occasion and include whichever rituals and symbolic actions to suit you and the age of the child or children involved.


There are some lovely unity ceremonies, which would involve candles, sand, trees or other items which could mark the importance of the new family and what it means to you.

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