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Celebrating Life


Funeral or Life Celebration

The loss of a dearly-beloved family member is difficult. However, we can ease our pain slightly by honouring our loved one with a ceremony which reflects them and their life as best we can.


Whether you refer to it as a Funeral, or as a Celebration of Life, I will create and conduct a truly meaningful and memorable ceremony which will live on in your hearts forever.


My aim is to create a bespoke and personalised ceremony which reflects your personalities or the personality of your loved one. By meeting up with you early on and getting to know their ‘back-story’ and quirky traits, and your anecdotes, together we can create a ceremony which will have you and your guests laughing, crying and smiling. The ceremony can be as sombre or as light and celebratory in nature, as you choose.


Planning  Your Own Ceremony

These days, it is becoming quite popular to decide how you would like your own funeral to be conducted, and arrange it in advance.


Should you wish to, do contact me and we can devise a ceremony based on your wishes. You might plan the pieces of music to be used, the poems and readings to be offered by family members, you might even wish to write your own eulogy! Alternatively, you could tell me your own life story, over a cup of coffee, and then I could write it for you.


Whichever way we plan the service, I can create it and present it to you in written form to be put away until needed.


If possible, I would conduct the service myself, but because neither of us knows when it will actually be, if I am unavailable on the day I will help to find the best person to officiate in my place.

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