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Weddings or Civil Partnerships

After completing your legalities, your celebrations can be held anywhere you choose!


Your personal


We shall create your exclusive ceremony together.


In an ideal world, we will be able to meet in person and I will record the details of your love-story; how you met, your life-styles, why you  get on so well and so on, but if that is not possible for any reason, we can meet up online, or by phone, and get to know each other that way.


Once I have enough information, I shall create your ceremony and then we can work together on it until it is absolutely what you dreamed of. Hopefully, the result will be everything you envisaged and more!


Don't forget that you will need to book your legal ceremony at the Register Office, to take place before the celebration ceremony. Many couples choose the day before.


Creating your

Individual Ceremony

Together, we will plan your ideal ceremony. Planning any special event should be fun and as stress-free as possible, so we will keep in touch through the whole process to keep each other up to speed and you as relaxed as possible. After all, this will be one of the most exciting and important days of your lives, if not the most exciting!


It is your day, so you need to feel happy that all the plans are progressing as you would wish and if you would like a rehearsal beforehand, we can factor that in. You just need to let me know in plenty of time.


On the


You can relax and enjoy your day completely, knowing that I will have everything under control at the venue to make sure that the whole ceremony runs smoothly!


Having arrived early, I will have checked that everything is as it should be; the seating and the sound system; the decorations and flowers are where they are meant to be, and the staff are all ready to go, with full knowledge of your particular choices and options.


Once the ceremony is over and the celebrations and partying begin, I will leave you to it, knowing that you will be having a fabulous time with your close friends and families for the rest of the day.


Later, I will send you a souvenir copy of the ceremony to keep.

Renewing your Vows


Renew your

Marriage Vows

Why do couples choose to have a Renewal of Vows Ceremony? Well, there are all sorts of reasons, but vow renewals tend to be more relaxed than weddings.


Often, couples have a renewal ceremony because they want to mark a very special anniversary, perhaps the first, the tenth or the twenty-fifth.


Or they may want to celebrate their renewals totally differently than their weddings, not as their parents expected.


Some want to have their children and newer friends witness them declaring their love for each other because they weren’t there for the actual wedding.


For other couples, it’s a way of now being able to celebrate with the wedding of their dreams. Perhaps they had a registry office wedding with only a handful of friends and now they’d like to splash out by celebrating with all of their extended family and friends.


Whatever the reason, it can be a very happy occasion and can be celebrated anywhere and any way that the couple would like!


Designing your Renewal

of Vows Ceremony

Together, we will create your ideal ceremony. Planning any special event should be fun and stress-free, so we will keep in touch through the whole process. We will come up with a plan based on the style of ceremony you would like to have; big and lavish or small and intimate. You may wish to involve your family in the planning and if they are to have an active part, they could come to our meetings too.


The day is yours, so you need to feel happy that all the plans are progressing as you would wish. Many couples like to perform some form of ritual during the ceremony so I could discuss some of these options with you at the planning stage. The whole event can be as flexible and imaginative as you would like it to be.

Affirming your love


Commitment Ceremony

Commitment ceremonies are much like weddings, but they are not legally binding.  Instead, they give a couple the opportunity to commit themselves to each other and affirm their relationship in front of friends and family.


If you wish to have a meaningful and dignified ceremony, whilst making a public declaration of your life-long commitment and love for each other, but without involving the law, then a commitment ceremony could be just the thing. You can make promises and vows to each other, exchange rings and include poems and readings in your ceremony.


We would prepare the ceremony in exactly the same way as I would prepare a wedding ceremony and the only limitation would be our imagination!


Rituals for your Ceremony

Symbolic actions in ceremonies add depth and meaning to the occasion. They can make everyone feel included and can make key elements poignant. There is no limit to the number of different types of symbolic actions that can be used at a ceremony and no end to the creativity we can use or adapt from existing ideas.


Some of the examples are the lighting of candles, hand fasting, a sand ceremony, planting a tree together, a stone ceremony or jumping the broom. A popular choice is the sharing of a drink from the one cup, known as a “quaich” in Scotland from where the tradition stems. Again, the only limit is your imagination as to what rituals you might like to include in your ceremony.


Rituals can also be included in other family ceremonies such as a Naming Ceremony for a new child.

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